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YES, i was a cam whore... this is like from 3 different days... but i just got everything uploaded...

what the hell are you waiting for??

I'm on the phone with my baby!!
on the phone with mark ;)

i have a pretty smile here!
i like my smile here.

I love my eyes. <3
hee hee my eyes.... not wearing much makeup... just some eyeshadow and mascara. I LOVE MY EYES!!!

my fave of my goth pics.
i got hella bored the other night and wanted to see what i would look like if i was goth...... 2 more pics to follow <3

gothic pic 2

the last gothic pic.
yeah so enough of those... totally not me... but i think i pulled it off well =P

reading something mark wrote me.

hee hee pretty earrings.
i LOVE those earrings ;)

first funny face of the entry.
hee hee funny face ;)

whatever dude. ;P

little smile.

hee hee i have a roxy tank... i love it!
i also LOVE this shirt... this pick is kind of at a weird angle... but i love the shirt.

i was slightly sleepy... yawning.
sleepy samantha



goofy face number two!
i have no idea what i was doing here... but it makes another good funny face.

waiting for mark to come back to the phone.. he was on the other line
this one pretty much speaks for itself.

a small mid-sentence smirk
mid-sentence smirk

smiling ;D

another smile
another smile

fuck off!
yeah fuck off bitches ;x that was my icon for a little while ;P

thanks for the pic idea stass!
stole that pic idea from stass.

waiting for mark to come back... i think he was cooking
waiting for YOU to come back.

still waiting for him to come back
still waiting....

BLAHHHHHHH. ahahahahahahahaahaha i'm a goober... i know it.


Dipstick = <3
and finally MY cat Dipstick.
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